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Joanel is working with a client for a scalp micro pigmentation service


Look and Feel Your Personal Best

FRAMED's mission is simple, create a safe space for clients while we provide services that enhance your natural features and boost self-confidence. We believe that our services go beyond permanent makeup and use each service as an opportunity to build confidence and create community.

FRAMED's business owner, Joanel, has trained with renowned industry leaders who are pioneers in permanent makeup, scar treatment, and scalp micro-pigmentation industries. The products she uses for each service are the best in the industry and are proven effective in achieving long-lasting results.

Our service list focuses on offerings that impact the way clients view themselves and how they tackle previous insecurities. We use our time together to share stories, provide validation, and give you a place to feel seen and heard. 

Joanel started her career as a makeup artist over 15 years ago. Since then she has also worked succesfully in the tech space and currently owns her own consulting firm. Her endeavors have expanded into small business ownership over the past 6 years, where she could blend her passion for artistry with her business skills. Her focus has always been to bring balance and symmetry while enhancing their natural beauty. She is excited to continue using that methodology in this industry as well.

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"Confidence is the ability to feel beautiful without needing someone to tell you"

Mandy Hale 

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San Mateo

235 E 3rd Ave Suite 221

San Mateo, Ca 94401

San Diego 

8055 La Mesa Blvd #103

San Diego, CA 91942


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9 am - 9 pm 

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9 am - 4 pm

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